Rachel Carey

Rachel Carey

Educational Consultant

I am an independent PSHE consultant with over 12 years experience in the classroom. A former biology teacher, PSHE coordinator and housemistress with a passion for bringing high quality PSHE and RSE to students and providing teachers with the training and confidence they need to be able to deliver meaningful lessons to those in their care.

I work mostly (but not exclusively) with secondary schools and students aged 11-18. I have a special interest in adolescent neurological development, hormonal health, relationships and sex education.

My approach is always to help students identify their thoughts and feelings in response to their learning and to use PSHE teaching to help students develop their own sense of self-worth.

Work with Schools

I work closely with school in a number of ways.

I can help audit and provide feedback on a well-being / wellness / PSHE / health education program in order help schools meet the statutory requirements

I can provide specifically tailored resources and lessons to help schools feel confident that they are meeting the statutory requirements in an age appropriate, sensitive and engaging way.

I work closely with teachers, providing training, mentoring and support so that they feel they can deliver lesson on the most challenging or sensitive topics confidently and thoroughly.

I provide whole school training on all aspects of PSHE but aim to always go further than simply helping schools to meet the statutory requirements for PSHE. With my help schools are able to implement a program of lessons and session that help students develop their understanding of themselves as they grow and change whilst also giving them the tools and knowledge to be able to make the most appropriate decisions for themselves as they move through school and beyond.

Contact me to discuss how I can work with you to create a bespoke package to help your school deliver the highest quality PSHE that will set your students up for life.

Work with Students

Working with students remains one of the great joys of my work and I provide sessions for students both in school and community settings.

I work with female students, helping them to understand and work with their biology by providing sessions on menstrual and hormonal health including how this can impact mental health and well-being.

I work in schools to deliver specific sessions to students in both small class groups or as part of whole school or year group sessions on many aspects of PSHE including:

  • Relationships and Sex education
  • Life skills and moving on from a school environment.
  • Being safe in the physical world
  • Being safe in the online world
  • Navigating social media safely and effectively
  • The menstrual cycle
  • Breast health
  • Self esteem and self worth
  • Health choices

Contact me to discuss how I can help support your students through bespoke sessions that meet your specific needs

Work with parents

PSHE, and specifically RSE can be a subject that parents may have questions or concerns about. I am able to help schools engage with parents to make sure they are aware and supportive of the PSHE teaching their children get in school.

Parents also sometimes find talking to their own children about reproductive and hormonal health, and relationships and sex daunting. I am able to work with parents (with or without their children) to help build their confidence and knowledge in how to approach these difficult topics and feel confident that they are helping their children to be safe and thrive as they move towards adulthood.


Contact me Contact me to discuss how I can work with your parent body or in your community to support parents and their children.

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